What is Parenting Coach?

Like a fitness coach or life coach, a parenting coach helps to educate you through a practical, hands on common sense approach to your own family’s needs.

Every family is different and unique. What works for one family does not necessarily work for another family. That is why at parenting coach we work with each family and tailor a plan that works for you.

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How can Parenting Coach help me?

With over 25 years experience in education, Parenting Coach can help you if:

  • You feel your family life is out of kilter.
  • You are overwhelmed and not sure what to do.
  • You want practical tips and encouragement to tilt your family back into balance.
  • Your children are driving you crazy and you want some help.
  • You need behaviour management tips.
  • You want a parenting plan.
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Book Launch!

Join us for the book launch of Are we there yet? to see how the 7Cs Approach can acheive great outcomes for your family.

10 am 22 February 2013
South Pine Community Church Hall

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Seminars and Parenting Classes

Book for a seminar on the 7C Approach to Parenting for your school, playgroup, childcare centre.
Seminar topics include:

  • The Importance of the first three years of life – A Crucial Time
  • The 7C Approach to Parenting
  • Raising Girls

Contact Sharon:
Phone 0433 679 521

Please note: Parenting Coach is purely an educational service and is not a medical or counselling service.